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Unlike the other problem we solved earlier, which was more logical, this problem is pure arithmetic. It’s so simple your five year old son, brother or friend can resolve it without thinking–do you hear that, without thinking!!

Arithmetic problem

However, kindly follow carefully the solution we have provided here below..Mathematics is generally simple and fantastic but the greater part of the world is scared even when you mention the word Maths. Majority of those who shy away from Maths are those who have been frightened by close friends who themselves run away from the subject. Many rarely give a third try. No one wants to be associated with failures but most often failures need to be smashed.

Arithmetic problem

To every mathematical or arithmetic problem there is always a formula; a formula is my best because it is actually meant for lazy guys. Formulas make life so easy no one wants to think. Hence to this problem is associated a key formula without which you will never be able to resolve it..Here is the formula:

BODMAS [which is an abbreviation meaning=Bracket Open Division Multiplication Additional Subtraction]..What does the abbreviation mean then?? The abbreviation is simply the formula! it means we Open the Brackets first if any, then we Divide if any; then we Multiply if any; then we Add if any; lastly we Subtract..It must follow that order, if not you lose!


Therefore in the absence of both a bracket and division, we multiply first i.e. -3×6=-18;

Which will boil down the expression to 3-18+2

Then we add next i.e. -18+2=-16; Leaving the resulting expression as 3-16=-13 Bingo!



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