World’s Oldest Human Being Is Celebrating Her Birthday..Here Is Her Age & What She Eats Everyday.

I made a trip to two West African countries, Cameroon and Nigeria and discovered there were so many elderly persons who family members claimed where above 130years. I listened to close relations who swore strongly that their elderly was passed 120. After detail studies I found out their claims were all wrong. There were no hospital records. According to them when a person goes above 100 and due to the structural nature of the person, they believe them to be far above 120. However, we came across someone who nears that age, but she is only 117 and that is the oldest human being alive today.

Emma Morano

Emma Morano

Emma Morano, the world’s oldest living person, turned 117 today. Morano was born on November 29, 1899, making her the last known person alive to have been born in the 19th century.

So what’s Morano’s secret to her incredible longevity? Raw eggs..WATCH..

“I eat two eggs a day, and that’s it. And cookies. But I do not eat much because I have no teeth,” she told AFP news agency.

She started her egg diet when she was 20 and a doctor prescribed three eggs a day, two raw and one cooked, to treat anemia.

She has kept that routine for more than 90 years.

“When I first knew her, she used to eat three eggs a day. Two raw, and one fried. Today, she has slowed down a bit, reducing the number to two some days, because she says three can be too much,” her doctor Carlo Bava told Reuters TV.

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