WATCH LATEST WWE Smackdown Live 10 January 2017 Highlights of Key Matches. Winners, Reactions & Updates..

We got the video highlights of the main events of this Tuesday Night Smackdown Live right here below..(WWE Smackdown Live 10 January 2017) It was tempers flying here and there during this live Tuesday night Smackdown..Thr royal rumble is drawing near and the temperatures are moving very high.  The WWE is still in Louisiana for Smackdown on Tuesday. John Cena will take on Baron Corbin, and we’re going to learn more about the Blue Brand’s involvement in the Royal Rumble.

Ambrose Asylum Gets Feud with The Miz Cooking.
Dean Ambrose is in the ring for an installment of Ambrose Asylum. He’s got a gator head with him,

Natty and Nikki Brawl: The feud between these two ladies is getting pretty nasty.

Kalisto def. Dolph Ziggler,,, but Ziggler turned heel last week, and he cemented his newfound status on Tuesday.


John Cena is Rapping Again
The Lone Wolf is waiting for John Cena in the main event, but before the match, The Franchise dropped a few bars in a backstage interview.


American Alpha def. The Wyatt Family
This was an outstanding tag-team match. Both teams did some excellent work. American Alpha is truly a mixture of The British Bulldogs and The World’s Greatest Tag Team, The variety of throws and aerial maneuvers at their disposal is impressive.

Alexa Bliss Will Take On Becky Lynch in a Steel Cage Next Week.

I had a feeling a theme match was coming to the Smackdown women’s division, but I had the wrong women’s feud.

John Cena def. Baron Corbin..
The main event finished off another strong episode of Smackdown. Cena looked sharp in the ring despite having only a few in-ring appearances over the past six months.

Ziggler and Corbin

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