This Video of Justin Bieber Beating up His Loyal Fan in Public Will Knock You Out

What the hell is this?? If I were a Justin Bieber’s fan, I will cease to be after watching this disturbing footage..This is one of the most horrifying footage I have come across in a long time. Justin Bieber hasn’t caught a break yet from his maniacal fan base, better known as “The Beliebers.” So in turn, one of them caught a fade from the “As Long as You Love Me” singer…WATCH

Amongst the things you must know about Justin Bieber, he is handsome, very rich, famous, young and also very very ugly in heart. the face is handsome but not the heart, that’s exactly what one of his million fans just learned a couple of days.
On Tuesday, Nov. 22, Bieber pulled up to his Barcelona concert ready to perform. And in typical Belieber fashion, fans went berserk. We don’t know if security took a bathroom break or something to that effect, but one fan was able to get close enough to Bieber’s moving vehicle to reach in and grab him. What followed was a jab out of the car window from Bieber, which the video shows left the fan with a bloodied mouth.

“He just punched me!,” the perplexed fan said as a group of visibly horrified fans stare at his leaky mouth in utter shock. “I touched his face like this and he went boom!” looks like he knocked a tooth out completely.

Fan bleeding from Justin Bieber's fist

(demo photo)

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