Alicia Keys, The Only Female Superstar Who Doesn’t Do Make-Ups: This is Her Beauty Secret.

I will recommend you check out our article on “what celebrities look like without makeup”. There you will be shocked to find your favorite celebrities in their natural looks, you wouldn’t even recognize them..Among the millions beautiful women around the world here is one example of a beauty queen who doesn’t do make-up and she looks terrifically gorgeous in her natural state.

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Sometimes it’s just a simple shift in habit that can make all the difference when it comes to your skin. While good genes and a strict regimen do help, it’s not always the definite solution. This is something Alicia Keys totally gets. In her December cover story with Elle UK, Keys touches on her struggles with clear skin.

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys

“I know how it feels to have a face full of bumps and pimples,” Keys tells the British magazine. “And I lived through that in the public eye.” She claims it took her “forever” to clear up her skin, but she finally found her key solution. “When I first got pregnant I started to eliminate dairy from my diet and drank a lot more water, which made a huge difference to my skin.”

And thanks to her beautifully clear skin, Keys embraces a no-makeup look. No—not no-makeup makeup. She goes completely makeup-free everywhere from red carpet to her judge’s seat on The Voice.

“Some have called this a crusade. Well, I died laughing at that,” she says in her interview. “I use to feel the pressure to appear as the music industry expected, but I don’t know.”

Wow, wish most other women should emulate such tactics. How beautiful the world will look like if every woman appears in her natural look..




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