This Footage Of A Young Girl Single-Handedly Beating Up A Thief Merciless Will Make Your Blood Boil

Street robber pleads for mercy from a teen girl who demonstrated jiu-jitsu, ‘lion killer’ headlock. The robber had to cry “daddy, daddy” from the claws of a girl..Absolutely stunning..Don’t laugh alone..Here is the footage, you should understand that the initial images are animated trying to describe precisely what the girl actually did before the real live action from the lady..WATCH patiently please!


A Brazilian street robber ended up pleading for mercy from the woman he tried to hold up – after she took him down in a jiu-jitsu move then held him in a leg grip until the police arrived.

Footage emerged of the sobbing man Wesley Sousa de Araujo screaming, crying for his “daddy” and pleading for someone to call the police as Monique Bastos locked his neck in a triangle choke.

Ms Bastos told Brazil’s iG website: “One of the guys grabbed the mobile phone I was carrying. I could see that they were not armed so I knocked their motorbike down.

Monique Bastos single-handedly beating up robber
Monique Bastos single-handedly beating up robber

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