Shocking Decision From D. Trump, “I Will Not Be Taking My Salary As President, I Don’t Need It”

The new tenant of the White House has shockingly crossed over his 400,000 dollars (or 372,000 Euros) in annual revenues and will only receive one symbolic dollar. A phenomenon that is far from ordinary.

“I will not take it”, warned Donald Trump at a meeting in New Hampshire, in September 2015, talking about the salary of $ 400,000 (about $ 30,000 a month) vested on the President of the United States. Better still: “It will not be a drama to me,” he had even specified. In other words, not only does Trump not want this salary, but he does not need it! He even went even further this past weekend, in an interview with CBS, his first as president-elect of the United States. “But that’s … I do not even know what it is. You know, what should my salary be?” He asked the journalist before stating,” I believe the law requires me to take a dollar, so I will take a dollar a year. “

Donald Trump dollar(demo photo)
Donald Trump dollar(demo photo)

Since the law requires the president to touch at least a dollar to state its significance and value, a president may not touch his entire salary but will decide to take at least a note. That’s exactly what the billionaire has promised to do-to take a dollar as salary.

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