Shock Revelations: Mariah Carey Begged Her Husband, Nick Cannon To Divorce Her So She Could ReMarry A Millionaire

Women and money and money-they are never satisfied, but I tell you what-a good percentage doesn’t really care about money..The other percentage which Mariah Carey is part love money..After nailing her own husband, someone she already has a couple of kids with to marry a richer guy, the game had to counter fire..According to the New York Post’s Page Six, the 46-year-old reportedly called her ex-husband pleading with him to sign their divorce papers because she wanted to marry her fiancé the Australian businessman and millionaire, James Packer. This new revelations is believed to have happened just days before she split with the billionaire.

James, Carrey and Nick
James, Carey and Nick

“I want you to sign the divorce papers. I really want to get married to James Packer,” Carey reportedly told Cannon in a phone call.

Carey and Cannon ended their marriage in August 2014 but their divorce dragged on for nearly two years over custody of their twins. However, according to several reports, they finally settled on an agreement.

“Nick and Mariah’s divorce was dragging on and on, mainly because of the back and forth between their lawyers.

Mariah’s team brought in [famed L.A. divorce attorney] Laura Wasser, who helped simplify things, but then Mariah called Nick and said, ‘I really want to get married. Will you sign these papers?’ Nick was cool and said, ‘I’m not going to stand in your way. I’ll sign the papers,’” a source told the Post.

Unfortunately for her, a couple of days later, Carey and Packer’s relationship blew up, and they eventually split without a sound stay.

According to a report by TMZ, Carey and Packer’s lawyers had been negotiating a pre-nuptial agreement, and he was demanding they rush the document after being told it would not be ready in time for a March 1 wedding.

The pre-nup was never signed, and now Carey is demanding Packer pay her a $50 million settlement, because that’s the amount she would have received from the unsigned pre-nup.

Will she go back to her ex husband? i don’t know either but she is pretty messed up right now, and she brought the mess on herself because of her senseless love for money.



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