Shocking Development: Hilary Clinton Says Barack Obama And Comey Are Fully Responsible For Her Loss..

Hilary Clinton hasn’t gotten over with the election loss. Truely as she declared during her concession speech, she may sadly never be able to get over it..Blames are flying everywhere in her atmosphere and she has several bottlenecks in her pocket-and strangely Barack Obama is one of them!

Hillary Clinton “couldn’t stop crying” once she learned of her loss to Donald Trump on Tuesday, best-selling conservative author Ed Klein told Newsmax TV on Wednesday.



“About 6:30 this morning she called an old friend,” he began on “The Steve Malzberg Show” in an interview. “She was crying, inconsolably “She couldn’t stop crying.”Her friend said — her female friend from way, way, back — said that it was even hard to understand what she was saying, she was crying so hard.

“This is Hillary we’re talking about,” Klein said.

“Eventually,” he continued, “her friend said she could make out that she was blaming James Comey, the director of the FBI, for her loss — and this I don’t understand exactly — and the president of the United States,  Barack Obama for not doing enough.”

“She said: ‘Well, she felt, Hillary felt, that the president could have stopped Comey a long time ago, because that’s what (former President) Bill Clinton said.”

While we may be quick to believe the reasons for her blaming Barack Obama, i strongly feel that’s not the only reason she is blaming the exiting president. I don’t cease to wonder what mile Barack Obama didn’t go to give Hilary a helping hand and yet she lays her loss on the poor guy..After all she isn’t that very grateful per say..


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