See The 9 Weirdest Christmas Celebrations Around The World You Never Had Any Idea About

2.The Krampus – Germany, Austria and eastern Europe.
If you misbehave as a child in the run-up to Christmas in this country, the worst you can expect is a lump of coal in your stocking. But if you’re a kid in Krampus territory, be afraid.

The Krampus

The horned figure, often described as half-goat, half-demon, apparently preys on naughty youngsters on the evening of December 5, armed with rusty chains and bells. He’s so creepy he was banned in Austria in the 1930s for being too, well, terrifying.

3.Deep-fried caterpillars – South Africa

Deep-fried caterpillars

Rather than pass around the cheese board on Christmas Day, South Africans choose to snack on caterpillars from the Emperor moth. Although it sounds like a Bushtucker trial, they do at least deep-fry them first.

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