See The 9 Weirdest Christmas Celebrations Around The World You Never Had Any Idea About

Christmas is naturally and traditionally a practice of the holy Christian church commemorating and immortalizing the birth of Jesus Christ..As time goes on and humanity evolves, they have transformed the holy birth celebration into stuffs you wont believe..For instance these water girls on the photo termed “sexy Christmas ladies” are actually celebrating their part(see paragraph 4 below)..

Bracing Swim

The list below shows some of the weirdest Christmas traditions around the world you never knew..

1.The ‘pooing’ man – Catalonia
 Catalan tradition there’s an extra chap on the scene (though his gift leaves a lot to be desired). The man in question is a Caganer – a charming figurine of a peasant man wearing the Catalan red cap with his trousers down taking a poo.

The ‘pooing’ man

The name ‘El Caganer’ literally means ‘the crapper’ or ‘the s*****r’.
The Catalonians’ obsession with festive defecating doesn’t stop there – there’s also the Caga Tio, a ‘pooping’ wooden log (pardon the pun) with a painted face and two front legs.

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