New Shocking Revelations: Kobe Bryant Admits He Used Evil Means To Get To The Top Of His Career….

These stories get scarier by the day..How some of the big fishes manipulate their ways to the top makes the world a scary farm. Kobe Bryant delivered during an interview a odd ugly funny remark. Kobe Bryant is an evil genius. A brilliant, evil genius. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal from October, Kobe makes the ugly claim that empathizing with your opponents “helps you destroy them quicker.” Just let him explain…

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant

“”There would be certain teams that had a player that they just signed to a max contract. And then a supporting player who was up for free agency who they hadn’t signed yet. So when we played them during the season, I’m saying, OK, here’s what we’re going to do: We’re going to double-team the guy that hasn’t gotten a max contract yet. We’re not gonna let him get a shot off. And then we’re going to single-cover the guy that has the max contract, and then watch the guy that doesn’t have the max contract bitch and complain about not getting the ball all night long, and watch them divide each other. Those are the little, subtle things we would do that simply comes from observation and understanding your opponent.

Was that completely weird or what?””


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Yeah, that was weird indeed and we wonder how damaged and sick our world of fame is..We appreciate him coming clean but wonder how many lives are continue to be destroyed as a result.

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