NEW: Beyonce And Jay Z Gave A Lifetime Gift To Their Only Child..Take A Look!

It would have been very possible for everyone to imagine that the millionaire couple, Beyonce and Jay Z will buy the fastest jet plane for their beloved daughter rather they did something no one expected. The Hilary Clinton’s loss in the 2016 US elections has sent a message to the whole world; rather it was Donald Trump’s victory that sent a more inspiring message. Donald Trump proved beyond reasonable doubts that everyone can be anything-those who never hoped of thriving in politics are now aspirants.

Jay Z, Beyonce and daughter

Jay Z, Beyonce and daughter

Hilary Clinton’s concession speech has sent a lesson to every girl or female. Plans for the future are on the way in most Americans-most eyeing the White House…it is rumored that Beyonce and Jay z are making such plans for their daughter, maybe hoping she one day becomes the first or second etc female president of the United Sates. That’s why they are making her this offer-sending her to one of the best schools in the country, in Los Angeles.

According to a new report, he and his wife Beyoncé have decided to relocate to Los Angeles in order to focus on Blue’s education. A source shared with Us Weekly that the couple is “very involved” in Blue’s school. For Jay

Z, that also reportedly means attending PTA meetings, with the two taking turns picking the 4-year-old up from school and dropping her off in the mornings. Moreover,

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