Mariah Carey Is Really Shameless: Mariah Carey Is Dating Her Back-Up Dancer After Rich Fiance Dumped Her…

How shameless can she be..This was one of the most reputable artist in the 90s and today she is kind of..Since her separation from her ex husband Nick Cannon, Mariah Carey has had it very difficult with life especially her final separation from the Australian billionaire the man she allegedly and forcefully divorced her husband to marry. Now she is dating her back-up dancer..In a word i will say she is literally frustrated..

Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka

Days after her romance with Australian billionaire James Packer ended with him magnanimously allowing her to keep the $10m (£8m) ring he had proposed with months earlier, she was seen painting the town red with her backup dancer… and new rumored boyfriend.

While some stars would keep a low profile, the We Belong Together hitmaker doesn’t seem to care what the critics − particularly Wendy Williams − have to say. On 5 November, the 44-year-old songstress threw caution to the one wind once again and headed out to West Hollywood eatery Berri’s Cafe with the 33-year-old dancer, Bryan Tanaka.

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