LATEST ON WWE RAW: This Past Monday Night, Watch The Highlights of Winners, Analysis, and Reactions(From January 9 2017)

It was another heated RAW night with several superstars boiling all over especially due to the fast approaching royal rumble..(WATCH the highlights below)..WWE Hall of Famers and new Royal Rumble entrants highlight Monday Night Raw in New Orleans. Let’s get the results.

Stephanie McMahon is seated with Mick Foley, and she’s giving her Raw General Manager a performance review.

Wow Foley has a new haircut, and it’s a little better than the one we saw last week. Foley is asked to address the Undertaker rumors, and he assures Stephanie that The Deadman will be in The Big Easy.

Arrival of the Shawn Michaels
When the Heartbreak Kid first showed up, the plug of his movie–which I’m actually interested in–wasn’t received all that well. Michaels didn’t attempt to hide his purpose for appearing, and he appeared to shoot down the WWE Universe’s suggestions that he enter The Rumble.

Big Cass def. Jinder Mahal
In a predictably easy match, Cass took care of Jinder Mahal. The highlight of the match was this. But something else was about to happen at the end..WATCH above…

Taker and Shawn(demo photo)

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