How Much President Barack Obama Receives As Salary Per Month Will Bl0w Your Mind

Have you ever wondered how much the most admired President in the world(USA) touches as his monthly salary? We got the figures right here for you..He is incredibly rich, per say. In the US doctors and C-suite executives top the list of top earners. The mean annual pay for anesthesiologists is $246,320, and chief executives earn an average of $180,700 a year. But what do America’s top earners have on the US president? Not much.

The first president, George Washington, earned $25,000 a year when he came into office in 1789. That may not sound like much, but to put Washington’s compensation into perspective, $25,000 in 1913 — the oldest year the inflation calculator accounts for — is equivalent to about $600,000 today. Imagine the value in 1789!

Barack Obama and wife, US President

Between 1789 and today, there have been five pay raises, the most recent one coming in 2001, when Congress doubled the presidential salary from $200,000 to $400,000. That salary alone is nearly enough to put the president in the top 1% of earners in major US cities.

But don’t confuse salary with income. Take President Barack Obama: While his salary is $400,000, his income in 2011 was about $790,000, thanks to investments and publishing royalties from his books.

So what does the first lady receives as salary per month??

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