Highly Respected Chinese Prophet, A Monkey Predicted The Winner Of Us Elections..The Next Us President Is Thus..

I was stunned by the prediction made by this monkey, not because of the nature of the candidate but the attitude of the monkey when it made its choice(please see the shocking photos on next page)..This election in the US history is one which the best of experts are unable to predict and maybe that’s why the masses are turning to this famous Chinese monkey..

If you may be doubting, this monkey predicted Portugal will win the euro 2016 cup and strangely enough Portugal came out as the champions. That is just one of its correct predictions out of many..Today, it has predicted the next president of the United States of America..

Do you remember the 2010 world cup? An octopus called Paul predicted the winner for each encounter up to the final where Spain won-it never failed even once. That is what is said of this mysterious monkey..

Donald and Hilary

Donald and Hilary

So, since people can’t seem to predict the most epic election in U.S. history, why not let animals give it a shot?

Thankfully, the Shiyanhu Ecological Tourism Park in China’s Hunan province had the same idea, and decided to roll out their not-so-secret weapon for unmasking the future: a Chinese monkey described as the “king of prophets,” according to Agence France-Presse.

His name is Geda, and local legend has pegged him as a mystical monkey with prophetic insight — one with an impressive record of correctly predicting the winners of European soccer matches.

This time, Geda was asked to predict the winner of the U.S. presidential election and — unlike many a highly-paid pollster — he did exactly that, AFP reported, and with absolute conviction, going as far as planting a smooch on the winner’s face.

Geda — whose name means “goose bumps” — cast his vote by selecting bananas beside life-size cutouts of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton..(Check out the shocking winner he picked on next page)

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