Cristiano Ronaldo Disrespected China and India in The Worst Way Ever..They Are Angered..This is What He Did.

It can be said that Cristiano’s goal drought this season is because he is kind of cursed..We cannot for sure state whether what Cristiano did here was intentional or by error, but what he did was a total disrespect to all Asians, a place where he is known to derive his biggest fan base.

The Real Madrid star posted a picture of him placing his foot on a Buddhist statue on social media, with comments flooding in from China, India, Thailand and other Regions around the world demanding that he delete the image..(See Photos of what he did on next page).

Ronaldo Cristiano

Ronaldo Cristiano

Cristiano Ronaldo has caused outrage among the Buddhist community after he posted a photograph on social media that was deemed disrespectful..Unfortunately, he did that on the wrong side of the continent. Muslims consider prophet Mohamed very sacred as well as Christians believe Jesus is their God, so Budhist see Budha as their Almighty..A mere man disrespecting Budha in this manner is a serious taboo to all Budhist every were on the planet, and Cristiano Ronaldo totally disrespected..Go to next page to see the PHOTOS..

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