Barack Obama Has Refused To Read All The Letters His Father Sent To Him..Here Is Why

While letters from Barack Obama’s father were found in a center in the Harlem neighborhood in 2013, their existence was only made public by the New York Times in June. Despite several appeals, the outgoing US President doesn’t like to read a matter of fact The President almost never knew his father. This may be the reason why, despite calls from the Schomburg Center in 2013 to make him read these letters, Barack Obama is far away from that. On the other hand, he expresses himself regularly on the impact his father’s absence had on his life – and detailed it in an autobiography published in 2008, entitled My father’s dreams. Last May, he told the New York Times: “I spent a lot of time trying to understand the absence of a model (…), what it means to be a man, or in my case, a black man Or a man of mixed origins in this society. (…) Only later do you realize the things you may have done in the search for an absent father. “

Barack Obama senior and junior
Barack Obama senior and junior

When he married Ann Dunham, Barack Obama’s father was already married and had a family in Kenya. As early as 1964, when Barack Obama Junior was only three years old when his father returned to his native country alone abandoning his son(Barack Obama) and wife hoping to find a job in the kenyan government. He never succeeded, and sinks into alcohol while “thinking regularly of the son he has left in Honolulu.” Barack Obama visited his father at 10. This will be the only and last time before his death, at 46, in a tragic car accident in Kenya. 

At the Schomburg Center for Research on Black Culture, New York, dozens of letters from Barack Obama’s father were found. These intimate pages, dated from 1958 to 1964. the then 22-year-old Kenyan from a small village whose dream was to learn the economy of the United States worked on his dreams. When financial aid was finally granted, Barack Hussein Obama flies to the United States, then to Hawaii.

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