[Gesture of The Month] White Guy Won His Medal, Gave It All To His Black Friend Because He Was Disable

What a wonderful world..What this white man did to his black friend in this video is not only changing the world but changing lives..This is probably one of the best acts of generosity and heroism I have ever seen in the last decade.

I was filled with tears of joy and comfort when I saw this footage…THESE are the acts of compassion that ought to make the news headlines! This white guy is just the best of hearts..Kudos Max. Some of you may need a plugin to access the video, but make sure you watch, it will gladden your day and increase your trust on humanity.


Star quarterback Max Atkin was nominated homecoming king but abdicated his title so his friend could be king.

Best friends since 5th grade says it all. Good job both set of parents, you’ve raised honorable men.

THESE are the acts of compassion that ought to make the news headlines!

Professional football players should watch this and reflect on their hatred of white America.

Why do people hate me because of my skin color? When I was little we had friends of different skin colors. We were fine. It was the adults that weren’t.

This high school and these guys have real class – which the “adults” should have.

Max Atkin and friend(this is just a demo photo).

(Credit: abcnews.go.com)

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