8 Very Shocking Things You Never Knew About John Cena…

Each month we bring facts about some specific people and you know..Today we found out some strange stuff about John Cena (whose real names are John Felix Anthony Cena ) that will bl0w your mind. These enlisted here below are the fear selected which we believe might chill you out.

Cena and Owens

8) Half-Man, Half-Robot Persona–Prototype
One of Cena’s gimmick which is not well known to the fans is his Prototype persona in the UPW (Ultimate Pro Wrestling) and OVW(Ohio Valley Wrestling). The Prototype persona had him portray a half-man, half-robot wrestler, who was the prototype for the other wrestlers. As Prototype or Mr. P, Cena ripped apart opponents in the ring, while also displaying his robot half occasionally.

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